What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is the total, holistic support that we give to patients, families, and caregivers that are experiencing serious, life-threatening illness. We focus on living every day to its fullest no matter the circumstances.

Tammie E. Quest, MD
Director, Emory Palliative Care Center

Welcome to the Palliative Care Center

The Emory Palliative Care Center is a comprehensive program providing multidimensional collaboration through the unique services and expertise provided across Emory, its affiliates and community partners.

Our promise is to foster state-of-the-art science, integrated educational programs and quality healthcare delivery through the committed approach by our Palliative Care clinical teams, educators and researchers.

We are dedicated to promoting the understanding and enhancement of quality of life in the context of serious, life threatening illness at any stage of illness and are fully engaged in the creation of physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and ethical healing opportunities for the patient, family and their communities.

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