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A Thankful Mother

My 22 year old daughter, “L”, has been undergoing care for an 'osteosarcoma of the right lower extremity'.  A fancy way of saying that for the last 14 months she has been going through hell and is about to walk out the other side to continue her life... The complete care view of the Palliative Care Team is great.  They have a better view on the connections between each of the medicines, the side effects, and the overall flow of care.  I just wish that they had been available earlier in the treatment.  The side effects, both physical and mental, of all of the drugs and procedures take a huge toll on the patient and their caregiver and family.  Being my daughter's main caregiver has taught me a lot; and quite a bit of that is from palliative care.  So many things get lost between the Doctors and the Nurses and the explanations to the patient/caregiver (communications in the hospital are not a high point most of the time!!!!).  The Palliative Care Team seems to have a broader view and are more in tune with each patient