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A Thankful Daughter & Friend

Dear Dr. “X”,  

I have been thinking a lot about you and Dr. “Y” lately; today is the anniversary of my Mom's surgery and so much of our experience at Emory last year was colored by the loving care and concern that you showed to our family.  I will always be grateful to you.  

Last night my husband and I went to visit our friend, “John”, at Hospice Atlanta and in the course of the conversation his wife talked about how wonderful the Palliative Care team had been to them. We immediately knew that she was talking about you and Dr. “Y” and we shared our appreciation for all you do to help families in such critical times.  So in addition to my thanks for your personal interaction with us, I thank you for all you continue to do each day for people I may never know and also for those who are part of my life.  Your love for helping others is so apparent and it is truly a blessing that you have found and nurtured your gifts in order to be of service to families in need.  John’s wife and I are the co-presidents of the “Dr. X” fan club!  

With sincere best wishes,