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Medical Students

The Emory University School of Medicine is the recipient of a 2007 Robert Wood Johnson grant which provides funding for a required clinical experience in palliative care for medical students ( ).

As a result, the Emory University School of Medicine has an innovative, comprehensive palliative care education program where all 3rd year medical students are required to do a 1 week rotation in Palliative Care. Some of the key elements include of the 3rd year rotation include:

  • Bedside teaching rounds
  • Small-group, patient-based learning
  • Care of the patient receiving hospice care
  • Interactive lectures
  • Home hospice visit program

Electives and tailored experiences are available to any year student to enrich their exposure and competency in core hospice and palliative medicine. For more information, please contact Renee Burwell of the Emory Palliative Care Center at